Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buy Silver Now!

Hey Everybody, I know I alerted you before to buy silver because prices were down and I gave my reasoning about why the price had dropped.Well, it's kind of like anything in life... the more you learn the more you find out you don't know. I just read a very interesting article and according to this guy the market is being manipulated -- read this -- and really has nothing to do with the weak dollar or oil prices or anything else. Okay, it is very complex and whether it will all play out, we'll see. However, it seems like it IS playing out.

After these big financiers process a bunch of their ' loss-orders' which will net them Billions or Trillions, the price of Gold and Silver will take off again and most likely double or triple what it was before. If this happens, Silver will be $60 an ounce!! Right now it is $11.50, so BUY NOW!!

Take advantage of being a craftsman and the fact that you can actually buy real metal instead of what an investment banker would want to give you... 'paper' silver. People who want to invest in metals right now are waiting in line. It is in such short supply that it is only being given to fabricators. That is me and you!! So again I will say, BUY NOW!!