Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keep on truckin

If you are old enough (I am) to remember the 60's art from the hippie days that flourished, you will remember the 'Keep on truckin' dude... well, that is the subject of my post today. I haven't posted any 'help' in over a month and I wanted to let you know I am still here. I have been working a lot and not at the computer but I always think of myself this way... truckin on... I will never stop or give up.

Part of what I want to do here is tell you stuff, but there is another part -- answering questions. Since I haven't received a lot of comments I have let my blog sit unattended. Truth is, I would rather be working at my bench then sitting at the computer and if I really have time for only ONE thing, I will do my Yoga first ;) -- it is that important to me.

So I am here NOW to encourage you to ask questions and post your comments about jewelry making, PMC or anything you feel is relevant to life in general. Just do it, as the commercials say.

I also want to remind you of my upcoming classes (only 4 weeks away), go here to check it out. I'll be teaching at the ESSA in Eureka Springs, a beautiful place and the school has a brand new metal-smithing building that we will get to use. I have a plan for the classes of course, but they are small, so really, we will get to do anything we want.

Join the fun and sign up today. Give them a call if you need more info.